Quality Management Suite

Quality Management Suite – Recorder

Enghouse Interactive, part of multinational corporation Enghouse Systems (TSX:ESL), for 20 years is a leading expert in software solutions for Contact Centers and Unified Communications.
To help organizations to provide an high service quality, keeping it profitable and efficient, Enghouse Interactive developped a product called QMS -Quality Management Suite- which includes a range of tools made to optimize productivity and working force.

QMS’s Tools allow voice and desktop registration while calling, a detailed analysis of a dialogue and a quality supervision of conversations.

  • Enghouse Call Recording tool provides a recording solution for calls and a supervision of quality, accessible and full of features which is being used to improve services. It is a simple and convenient solution that can improve even more combined with modules and licenses integrations, for exemple desktop recording and “Score Cards” (evaluation cards of the agents of the Contact Center)
  • Soft Evaluator is an innovative technology that helps encourage agent empathy and gauges the emotional state of both customers and agents by evaluating their voices and improving conversations in real time. The soft evaluator capability can assess live calls to identify incidences of cross-talking, changes in conversational tone, speech ratio balance, speech volume and the stress levels of both parties.

  • Secure sensitive customer information by allowing employees to pause recordings
  • Simplify dispute resolutions with a history of recorded interactions
  • Real time analysis
  • Real time advisory of negative evaluation cards with motivations and identified code.
  • Real time control of the state of presence of employees and supervision of live calling.
  • Provide excellent service through monitoring and maintaining the quality of customer interactions by employees themselves, who can correct their mistakes still on the call.
  • Accelerate employee training with ‘real-life’ calls, monitoring stess levels, clarity of speech.
  • Evaluation of quality simply with a click.
  • Inspiration for revisions and improvement of the employee’s work.