ESTOS offers solutions, easy to implement, for businesses of any size, and provides excellent integration between the phone system and the existing ERP and CRM systems.

ProCall Enterprise 5.0 is the CTI complete solution in Unified Communications, presence managament, instant messaging and video/audio chat that allows you to improve collaboration inside and outside the company. In addition to the normal benefits of CTI (hotkey dialing, call journal shared, research on incoming call) ProCall 5.0 Enterprise allows you to make VideoChat among local users, federated users and external users via Web, Desktop and Mobile. All thanks to the WebRTC innovative technology and to client for PCs and Smartphones operating systems.

  • CTI and comfortable telephony, hotkey dialing and remote office connected to traditional PBX, hybrid and VoIP
  • Chat and intelligent presence management among internal users and external
  • Video and Audio Chat, group conversations, desktop sharing and journal
  • A unique tool for the management of corporate communication, colleagues and customers
  • Integration with enterprise personal data thanks to ESTOS MetaDirectory. Rationalized and centralized rubrics
  • Extreme customization of interfaces (custom data, procedures adhoc). No one else is as flexible as ProCall Enterprise
  • Certified for use on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android. Citrix, VMWare and HyperV

  • Enhance cooperation within the company and, through the Federation, even outside of it
  • Unifies the processes of communication
  • It optimizes the user’s workflow and saves time
  • It saves money
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Customizes the communication with the customer
  • It can be interfaced to any PBX system that presents a compatible TAPI 3rd-party interface