Automatic ParkO Enterprise Pay Point

The Automatic ParkO Enterprise Pay Station is entirely designed and assembled in Italy, very reliable and robust with a wide variety of options.
Thanks to the flexibility in configuration, it can differ from a standard version to a fully equipped payment station with options that meet your needs and your budget. It is able to efficiently serve one or a plurality of parking.

  • Cabinet in stainless steel (1.4301) highly resistant to corrosion due to the surfaces protected with special coatings. It has been designed to have minimum overall dimensions
  • It is entirely in stainless steel of elevate thickness.
  • It is resistent to weathering (IP54).
  • Touch Screen 21 inches.
  • Perfectly enlightened.
  • It has QR and RFID scanning
  • It allows to manage payments via cash, coins and credit cards

  • 3 Dedicated Sections to intuitively do all the different operations witch are supported and temporarily punctuated with indicator lights.
  • A 21 inches Touch Screen, Customizable, Multifunctioning and provided with an Ergonomic Inclination.
  • The Pay Point is effectively illuminated in order to facilitate the usage in any light condition.

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