Availability 24/7


Our solution to manage availability is called Link2Staff: a 24/7 active system for Emergency calls, simple and efficient.

  • A solution which can be integrated into an existing phone and IT system of the Client, completely full VoiP.
    It runs on a dedicated server, that could be put on Cloud if needed.
  • Costumized availability agenda.
  • Management module, user side, completely Web Based, clear and simple.
  • Each operation connected to the process in tracked and archived in a database.
  • Confirmed availability from the techinician Staff if the call is answered, by pushing a button to confirm.
  • Email and sms notifications are sent to available people on duty and to supervisors, even if the call is not replied.

  • It deals with more requests at the same time.
  • It reaches more numbers.
  • The standard platform can be costumized.
  • The activities are all tracked.
  • The solution is scalable and allows future extensions.
  • Possibility of Call Recording configuration.