HandKey and HandPunch

Schlage ID3D Readers, utilizes hand geometry to verify the identity of the user and ensure that only authorized users can gain access.

We propose HandKey2 model and few of HandPunch.

  • Option to install the Ethernet module.
  • Expandable memory options from 512 to 240.000 users.
  • Outputs to connect to auxiliary devices such as alarms, locks and lighting systems.
  • Specially formulated antimicrobial coating with silver ions on the platen to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew to mitigate hygiene concerns.The coating is safe and lasts for the life of the product.
  • Ability to write the industry’s most compact biometric template on a card instead of in a database results in higher security & unlimited user capacity.
  • Interaction characteristics of HandKey: Command, control and monitoring of the gate, RS-232 interface for printer or communication, link to external card reader; handling of your output request , RS 485/422 communications network; emulation output in various formats, input 2 and 3 configurable auxiliary output, optional module for ethernet connection.
  • Stand-alone, in emulation, on the Net. The features of this reader, the configurability of the output and the availability of two communication ports, enable its use in all conditions: stand-alone, integrated into emulation in a system based on badge readers, in a network of only ID3D without PC or as a terminal of a PC. The different communication options (serial, Ethernet, modem) allow the creation of any type of network.

  • It uses Ingersoll Rand’s field-proven hand geometry biometric technology.
  • The standard memory provides up to a maximum of 50 users, but the same can be expanded up to 512 users.
  • It can store over 5,000 punches.
  • It verifies employees’ identities in less than one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands.

document-file-pdfBiometric Reders_HandPunch1000_Brochure
document-file-pdfBiometric Readers_HandKey_Brochure
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