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Our system enables the control of vehicular gates of an establishment, monitoring all incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Our software ParkO Logistic integrates in real time the operating systems of your company, in terms of data exchange, and interfaces with other existing systems and / or third parties.
It can integrate directly with data provided by electronic weighing system and plate reading system

  • A camera positioned appropriately reads the plate of the approaching vehicle.
  • If access is authorized, as the plate is included into a list, it automatically raises the barrier to allow the vehicle to entry. Otherwise, the plate will be registered.
  • If required by company procedures, the vehicle is weighed by the weighing system (instead of weight, you can control other parameters such as the presence of RFID tags placed on the goods themselves).
  • The plate of the vehicle, after performing all the operations of loading or unloading, will be read again in proximity of the exit and, if provided, reweighed.
  • Our system compares the load data entered or acquired automatically by the system, carries out the necessary checks and authorizes the opening of the barrier to allow the vehicle to exit.

  • Drastically reduces the possibility of failure in the procedures for loading and unloading of goods.
  • Prevent access to unknown or unauthorized vehicles.
  • Allows a considerable saving of time to the operator.

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