Voxtron Communication Center

Voxtron IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows you to set a collection of pre-recorded messages, set multiple choice menu, store data entered by keyboard, query both corporate databases and CTI systems.

IVR systems also integrate the most advanced voice recognition, as an additional service to the caller, identifying naturally spoken language.

  • Rationalizes the flow of calls and directs them to a specific business sector
  • Allows complete customization of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu tree. Messages can be changed easily according to the operational needs of your business
  • Manages voice telephone services through interaction with DTMF telephone
  • Changes the procedures of response depending on the called number, the service required or for any preferences provided by the use of DTMF tones
  • Integrates TTS systems ( speech synthesis) or ASR systems (speech recognition)
  • Generates reports of all call events (calls received, processed, lost, etc.).
  • Stores and retrieves voice messages (voice mail)
  • Associates the call data of your customers – already registered – in order to define a strategy for routing the call or to give more information to your agents

  • Lightens the load of calls received by call center operators to provide standard and frequently requested information (eg, opening and closing times, the cost of services, addresses)
  • Resolves customer problems more quickly without transferring the call to an agent
  • Records a call on request if the customer do not want to wait for a free agent
  • Handles situations of alarm or availability
  • Customizes the information you provide to your customers
  • Independent vendors of telephone