La nostra storia


Software Link was born in 1994 and since the beginning was committed to developping high performance softwares.

During the first years of life our company was able to introduce itself in the financial environment thanks to some programs we designed: a software to manage bank financing named EFacility easly adopted by Banca Intesa, Unicredit and Medio Credito Lombardo; a further one to manage stock market datas connected to an app called Prisma, which Borsa Italiana was the leader of; and our star was SIA, a software which allowed to block all Italian credit cards.

Important Banks as Fiditalia, Banca Intesa, Banca Etruria and VolksWagenFs adopted our Call Center Platform in order to improve financial services and the quality of the costumer care.

Our Contact Center are choosen by Comune di Bolzano for live local elections, by Corriere della Sera and other big institutions like Radio Taxi and Hospitals of Treviso,Cremona, Merano, San Raffaele and Clinica Zucchi because of the semplicity and clarity of  managing appointments.

In harbour sphere we provided Emergency systems for ships and call recording softwares for port authority.

We also developped with a great success a software to help Italian Rangers to localize fires; we programmed 118 for Liguria and we provided a system that could centralize all weather alarms of Piemonte.

Our ADITUM Access Control software was really popoular since the very beginning in Italian prisons due to its semplicity of planning relatives’ visits in detention.


During last few years we developped software for availability 24/7 and for web automatic callback.
Above all, we invested in parking automation and we were able to catch the attention thanks to our software ParkO, which, as long as it was created, was capable of provide full services to Merano Hospital and Bergamo Hospital Parking.