HRO.NET Software

HRO.net it’s a completely web based software that helps you in carrying out a complex and expensive activity as time attendance management.
The system collects and processes all the information necessary to prepare timecards, essential support for payroll processing.

It allows you to manage an unlimited number of companies and branches belonging to the same company with the option to create specific configurations for each of them.
The system provides a data sheet for each user and a virtual archive for the management of all formal documentation with the company (payroll, internal circulars, etc.) and it handles an unlimited number of turns to be associated to a single user or a group of users by defining time slots and permitted tolerance.

It offers the possibility to reconcile data and change, after the appropriate checks, the so-called orphaned data and it generates and exports, in different formats, data of worked hours of each user in a summary diagram.

It allows the operator to set up and manage national and/or local holidays and it permits a single user to enter their vacation requests, permits, to upload notes and data of all travel expenses.




TechnoDrive designs and manufactures terminals for time and attendance and access control. The entire range only differs for housing, keyboard and display conserving the same technical characteristics.

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Technodrive receivers are equipped also with proximity badge RFID and Mifare Readers.

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To satisfy the higher and higher demand of biometric readers, we relied on two big organizations which produce this kind of Hardware for lots of years and they made a name for themselves: Technodrive and Schlage.

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