Availability System

The Costumer is Belfor Spa, a leading restoration company which focus is recovering homes and businesses following fire and water damage.


The need was to provide a freephone number to manage intervention missions, which was able to call available technicians and notify by sms or email to technicians themwelves and supervisors.

The Platform manages availability planner through a list of managers and technicians on duty during a precise day.
Is important for the costumer to have a confirmation of the call acceptance and the possibility to record conversations between the costumer and their user.


Our Solution was an Emergency service available 24/7, that has been integrated with telephone and computer system of the Costumer, completely full VoiP, which run on a dedicated server that could be on cloud as well.

The management module, user’s side, is completely web based and the configuration and consultation screens are really simple.

As a call comes, the system consults availability planners and begins calling to connect the costumer to the first available technician. When someone answers he has to push a key to confirm the approval, in this way some anomalous situations can be avoided like a missed call because of no phone coverage or answer-phone diversion.

Every single operation is been tracked and stored in a database, usefull to check all the activities that has been done.

Furthermore, to notify every single operation, the system sends emails and sms to technicians on duty and their managers.

If the Costumer requests, with the caller approval, the conversation can be recorded.


The costumer’s goal has been achieved in a short time, customising a standard Platform as needed.
The scalability of the solution, allows to integrate other functionalities for the future, without modify basic features.

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