TechnoDrive is a leading Italian company of manufacturing, time attendance and control access terminals.
TechnoDrive provides great flexibility on the customization of their products according to customer’s requirement.

FingerClock4 is the newest terminal of TechnoDrive.
The FC04 thanks to a wide range of communication modes meet all needs: the terminal interface is based on exchange of files and commands, the easy GUI interface is similar to tablet and phone experience, the Linux operating system providesgreat performance.

  • All terminals are open source OS based.
  • HTTP/HTTPS client. Easy way to control terminal using online mode with HTTP server.
  • HTTP server terminal configuration using standard browser.
  • Client Web browser take and display OnLine information from HTTP/HTTPS server.
  • Client SQL and MySQL send transit logs directly to network DB.
  • FTP client upload file to a FTP server according build-in scheduler.
  • FTP Server terminal control by a FTP client.
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet 10-100 Mbps, WiFi, UMTS modem and RS232, RS485.
  • Badge supported: magnetic ISO 1-2-3, RFID 125 Khz and Mifare 14443-A, 14443-B, biometric technology.
  • Wide range of display from 128 x 64 to full VGA TFT.

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