To improve productivity and efficiency of a Company

The Costumer is a leading company specialized in the distribution and processing of non-ferrous metals, in particular of the aluminum and its alloys.

The need was to reduce the telephone waiting time of its customers and improve, making more productive, the operations of its employees.

The proposed solution provides for the integration of the business phone system and IVR Voxtron platform.
In order to ensure better scalability, as well as adherence to the standard, the two systems were interconnected with a SIP trunk VoIP technology.

The telephony integration also involved the application of CRM Pitoval of the customer, through the software UC Estos ProCall, able to guarantee – in addition to the CTI – also important collaboration tools.

With Intelligent call routing customers, recognized the phone number automatically by the system, they are transferred without expectations to their contact preference and in his absence to another colleague in the same operational area.

For improved productivity it has planned integration with standard Pivotal (Automate a call from the contact card, open the contact card under the telephone number of the caller).
The platform has been provided, in addition, with a system of analysis and verification of the telephone traffic.


Software Link has been proposed as an independent consultant, able to suggest the best trade-off for the choice of the telephone system, and as a supplement to the development component of the CTI, bringing its expertise in the design of automated telephone dialogue.

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