Contact Center

The Costumer is a multi-national Anglo-Saxon Company, whose activity relates to luxury concierge services: booking restaurants, hotels, concert tickets as well as organizing trips and events.


The need of the customer war related to the implementation of a specific solution to efficiently manage multi-channel contacts and optimize interactions with their customers, also integrating to CRM.
Given the type of luxury service offered, it was important to try to create a “personal agent” for its customers in order to divert the call always on the same operator.

Finally, it was indispensable to provide a call recording solution specifically during the financial transaction.
The solution proposed to the customer has provided the implementation of a virtualized contact center with VoIP (Voice Over IP) that can handle traditional telephone contacts, sms, emails and web chat.

It has been used in the form of integration CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) for the Salesforce CRM solution adopted by the customer, allowing the automatic opening of the registries to the reception of the call.

For the purpose of improving the visibility and show the level of service of the solution, it has been prepared a real-time reports published on the web.

The company has also been developed and implemented web interface easy to use for the management of every aspect of the solution (Enabling new business Partners, different timetables for customers \ Services, mining statistics, …).



The customer has been very satisfied with the solutions adopted as the integration with CRM has made contact management more efficient, customizing the mode of interaction with their customers.
Last but not least, the implementation of a registration system for financial transactions that provides irrefutable proof in case of discrepancies and disputes that may arise in subsequent periods. Although there is a system of registration, Privacy is respected in each case, as the system allows you to stop recording when the customer communicates the number of the credit card.

The system installed has increased both customer satisfaction in the way of service but has also optimized the operation of the agents both in the cooperation between the operators themselves and in the use of resources.

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