Software Link projected and created for the parking management a platform characterized by an high level of reliability and flexibility, so that it allows the implementation of multiple hardware architectures, as well as the easiness of the usage, a very high standard of security and scalability.

An increasing number of parking managers rely on Software link for the professional management of their structures, seeing an exponential increase of profits, a reduction of the parking maintenance costs and, moreover, a guaranteed security through a total control of the flows of the cars.

The Automation Parking System created by Software Link allows to manage in an effective and rapid way all the area of parking with solutions supplied of an innovative technology, also highly customizable on the basis of Customer requirements.

Our ParkO solution, characterized by speed and easiness of access, will avoid the formation of queues and will lead the users to the parking areas dedicated in the case of separated and mixed-use parking.

In fact The system is based on the optical recognition of the plates, it allows the implementation of TicketLess and TagLess solutions with significant advantages in terms of rapidity of the parking access.

Software Link implemented two innovative technologies – Vehicle Direction Detection, Enhanced inferential OCR – that allow, respectively, to recognize if the vehicle direction of travel is compatible with the attempt of access in the parking and to increase the “confidence” rate in the screening of the plates, almost reducing to zero the room of error.

In fact, a rapid and fluid access to the parking guarantees effectiveness and productivity promoting the fluid transit even of thousands of users, avoiding in this way the formation of queues on the outside of the buildings.

ParkO guarantees the maximum rate of security recording the plate, the time of the entrance and the exit and the parking time of the vehicle and, also, sending alerts where the duration is not compatible with the normal parking time.

Our system consents, in this way, a complete and real time monitoring of the flow of the vehicles.

A usage of a limited number of mechanical components reduces dramatically the maintenance costs and the failure probability.
In fact, the maintenance costs of the system is one of the most important component which an operator should focus on when choosing a parking automation system.
In this case the maintenance costs are consistently reduced thanks to the technological innovation of ParkO.

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