Web Callback


Link2Call is a solution that allows visitor of your website to be free contacted using a telephone number the user inserted on your web page. It can be activated by a simple link.

The user which visits your website, Link2Call will be an icon to click on that generates and interface in which he can insert his phone number, in order to be contacted back, eventually during a specific time.
The system provides a connection between the user and the operator, no costs included.

  • Costumized web link on the website.
  • It works with every phone system.
  • It’s a marketing tool for organizations.
  • It’s a communication tool that can be used with no technological walls and for every kind of organization.
  • An alternative choice to toll-free national and international numbers, reducing costs.

  • It helps your organization having a higher profile and a more modern and technological public image.
  • It reduces costs of services, avoiding superfluous calls.
  • It improves relationship with your clients. Freedon of charge is ensured and there is a support for everyone who needs informations and clarifications.
  • Easy and flexible to use.