VCC platform (Voxtron Communication Center) allows you to communicate professionally with your customers, through the management of multimedia interaction-voice, email, fax, chat and social media.

With the proper routing of contact all your customers receive prompt and appropriate responses.

  • Rationalizes the flow of calls and directs them to a specific business sector
  • Allows complete customization of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu tree. Messages can be changed easily according to the operational needs of your business
  • It provides 5 different types of interaction with the customer (call, email, fax, SMS, web chat) that can be configured for each user
  • It has an easy to use Client: implements all the types of interactions in a single interface, the queue monitor displays information and the waiting time for callers, the activity monitor shows an overview of the status of colleagues and only in one click the user can call, consult, transfer, run conference
  • Route all types of interaction according to the following criteria: competence of agents; waiting times of the calling; load agent calls
  • View charts, gauges, RSS readers through appropriate dashboards, and provides the ability to add custom parameters
  • Independent vendors of telephone
  • Automates the distribution of information
  • Routes intelligently the contacts to operators
  • Increase the productivity of a single agent
  • Increase the availability of time that your company dedicates to customers